Created in 2004 by singer/guitarist Kimo, The Long Escape is an Alternative Rock Metal Project & Band.
During the last decade, the band toured and released several albums acclaimed by the music press. As Kimo says: “I never thought my music would be that welcomed by numerous magazines & webzines. It really comforted me to pursuit my work as long as I can”. Born in Damascus, he lived in Syria for a decade and then came to France. “There was no possibilities for me, at that time there (and still now thought) to hope for a career as a musician. I was hoping to build a career somewhere else. Somewhere I could entirely express myself, not be judged and maybe get noticed somehow”. He adds: “I wanted to create a musical project in which I could canalise my feelings and write songs in which you could get lost. It’s all about atmospheres. Everyday you wake up, wherever you go you pass the day entering different atmospheres that leave marks in you and makes you who you are”
Despite the metal riffs, The Long Escape is also about melancholy: “Saying that I’m not a simple man is an understatement. I’m a positive guy even though I’ve had my share of suffering as anyone. My cure has always been music. Music doesn’t harm you. It heals you. Challenges you. Turns you to a better understanding person. That’s not a scoop, every musician understands this. So yes, you can hear sad parts in TLE. Those sad parts lead most of the time to raging riffs just to say that in every difficult situation you can find the fire inside of you that will enlighten you. This is the power of music”. You can clearly understand this while listening to “Excess Of Empathy”, TLE’s very first EP released in 2008. As he puts it: “I was young and very sensitive. I could entirely absorb as a sponge others negative vibes, vibes that you can literally see on the cover of that first effort. It was a difficult time for me, I moved to France which wasn’t completely my culture, it took me time to settle in. The climax of this excess came while writing “Return To Chaos” (The Triptych). I locked myself in my apartment 3 days straight with all stores down in complete darkness. It was kinda extreme now that I think about it! But hey! I wrote a kick ass song!”
After one EP and 2 full length albums, the spacecraft TLE will leave Earth for new horizons!
“I’m amazed by the Human Race. Human Beings are capable of such beautiful dreams and such horrible nightmares. It’s a concept album in which a deceived human being decides to leave Earth and turns to the Cosmos in order to understand her/his real nature and maybe heal…will s/he come back to Earth with his acquired knowledge or will s/he decide to move on?”
“The Long Escape” is set to be released beginning 2020.